Protecting our Community

Meadow Valley Monday

Small fire burning near Meadow Valley UPDATED

May 31, 2021 Editor

1 p.m. Update: The Forest Service announced that in addition to handline, firefighters have a hose lay around the fire. The fire is mapped at 7.1 acres.” The Forest Service plans no additional updates and encourages everyone to enjoy their holiday and thank a veteran, adding that some were on the fireline today.

11 a.m. Update: It’s reported that the fire is being addressed by aircraft and on the ground with a slow rate of spread. There are no evacuation orders in place.

The Plumas National Forest is reporting this morning May 31, that there is a small 5-acre fire in the Meadow Valley area, west of Quincy. Called the Silver Fire, it is completely encircled by roads and firefighters are on scene. Located in T24N, R8E, Sec.22, it has a slow to medium rate of spread within the de facto road “fireline.” #PlumasNF

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