Protecting our Community

How You Can Support Bucks Lake Fire

Bucks Lake Volunteer Firefighters Incorporated  is an IRS accredited 501 (c) 3 designated non-profit Corporation.  We survive on donations from our homeowners and small businesses at the lake.  We provide fire and emergency medical services to the local area in the summer. Medical response as possible in the winter.

Bucks Lake enjoys winter with over 120 miles of groomed trails, many of the local roads both dirt and paved are groomed rather than plowed of snow.  This allows for a true winter snowmobiling, cross-country ski, snowshoe adventure.  As such our fire suppression services are VERY limited (due to snow)but we do respond to medical emergencies and fire events. Transport is limited to snowmobiles only.  We have several people with other “over snow” vehicles we can empower to respond if available. The Sheriff’s Dept. has a snow cat that is dispatched,  it is stationed in Quincy and when time is of the essence our local members often get “first on scene”.

In these ever tighter economic times we struggle to keep our training, vehicles, equipment in tip-top shape.  Could you help with a donation?   Does your company have a donation match program?  Will you help us contact your philanthropic administrator?  We would be forever grateful and I will send you a letter thanking you for your donation and for your support.

We have a wish list as well as our ongoing expenses.  Send me an e-mail at  I will be happy to work with you.

Thanks for looking.

Bucks Lake Fire Chief

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