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Update From Mike Hoover


Cutting to the chase….. the Road Department will NOT be plowing any time soon. They are out of money due to the severe winter and are waiting for emergency money to arrive from the federal government, or the state. Or for the snow to melt enough for them to plow without spending much money.

I will post here when I learn more…..

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Sheriff’s Department Gets Their Man

Thank you Sheriff Hagwood for sending your deputies out to Bucks Lake to apprehend the person responsible for burglarizing several cabin and a business.  This was occurring over several days but the vigilant deputies grouped up and went door to door in 5-6 feet of snow to catch this bad guy.

It was not an easy task   in cold snowing and rain conditions but under the direction of their Sargent they tracked the criminal to his hiding place in a local cabin, and with team work they apprehended the bad guy.  I must say these deputies had to go miles over snow on foot, using several snowmobiles and a snow cat to help provide transport.

I want to thank you for your service,   I am sure our Bucks Lake Community appreciates your dedication and we owe you a debt of gratitude.

Job Well Done

Some of the Posse from PCSO

New Picture of the Back Road Damage

Let’s hope that Butte County uses some of that emergency money to fix this as well as Oroville Dam Spillway.

Other wise the Canyon will be our access to Bucks Lake this summer.