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The Forecast Said Rain and Yes It Is Raining

Loud thunder and rain….. so much rain it is puddling on the ground!

This will surely help the fire danger though…….

And the temperatures are dropping in the mornings so I predict fall is in the air and Ol’ man winter is on his way.


Friday the 13th is good luck……..The Back Road Opens on the 13th at 5 p.m.

Yep  we went down to check on evacuation routes and talked to the Foreman on the road job.  He said the stripes get painted on the 13th of September and the road will be open to traffic both ways at 5 pm.


What a relief to be able to transit on the pavement.   I for one can’t wait.  Remember this is what it LOOKED like after it moved.  So take your time as you travel over the new road and enjoy.

Thanks to the crews who worked on the project.