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Medivac Saturday

In emergency services, MUTUAL AID is an agreement among emergency responders to lend assistance across jurisdictional boundaries. This may occur due to an emergency response that exceeds local resources, such as a disaster or a multiple-alarm fire. Mutual aid can be requested when specific specially trained resources are required.

On this call there were 5 different agencies involved in a symphony of cooperation to locate, assess, transport and fly the patient to Enloe Trama Center.

Under the direction of BLFD command officers our local mutual aid responders went directly to the scene, stabilized the patient, assisted Careflight ground ambulance in assessment of the patient, and transport to the landing zone. Meadow Valley Fire arrived and secured the landing zone, took over managing the LZ, assisted the helicopter crew with updates and arrival time of the ground transport until the patient arrived.

BLFD, MVFD, Careflight ground crews, and Enloe Flightcare loaded the patient into the helicopter for the 18 minute flight to Chico, where the patient was admitted into the Trama Center. Without this experienced group of rescue workers putting the patients well being first, it could have been a different outcome. Total time from call to being in front of the ER doctor was less than the coveted 1 hour of the “golden hour” for a positive outcome.

Join the Fire Dept.

Bucks Lake Fire Department Inc.

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Yearly Fee Schedule                  July 1 – June 30 of the next year

Cabin Owner  $130.00                                 Business  $165.00

Associate Member  $50.00                          Seasonal Camp Space  $50.00

(Supporter of BLFD Inc.)

Any person or business may purchase a membership in the Bucks Lake Fire Department, Inc. to support the community and future of the Bucks Lake region.

You will be sent a certificate of membership.

Return application with a check by mail to:


P. O. Box 119

Meadow Valley, CA 95956


If you have a PayPal account, you can pay your fees to our PayPal account at  You can then send your application by mail, email or drop it off at the station.

Benefits of membership in the Bucks Lake Fire Department

Bucks Lake Community Votes to Separate Our Fire Dept. From the HOA.        July 2018

 It’s now time to review the benefits to you the community member and visitors to Bucks Lake.

How will this benefit us?       Some thoughts…. 

  • For the benefit of the entire Bucks Lake community and the continued success and professional development of the Fire Department, it is now overseen by a member selected Board of Directors, ( (3) Fire Commissioners) separate from the homeowner’s association.
  • A member selected Board of Directors for the Fire Department will have a singular focus, that of the development and continued success of the fire department for years to come.
  • Fire Commissioners can set the future needs of the fire department and work on a plan to implement these needs.
  • Fire Commissioners as a smaller group can work together on special projects that benefit the community they serve.
  • The fire department, apart from the HOA, now has free access to the community at large and to groups who would not or could not join the HOA.  Prior to separation, the Fire Department only had access to folks who participate in the HOA.
  • Recruitment and retention of firefighters will be better with a, 3-member Board of Directors (not 10 HOA Board members), a cohesive group of firefighters properly funded, a structured agenda of training, plus recruitment and retention.
  • Our books and records will be managed by our Secretary/Treasurer and reviewed by the Governing Board of Directors.
  • Fire Department issues can be immediately addressed by the Directors who have gained experience with the Fire Department. Their only mission is the Fire Department,  with leadership who’s only interest is running a professional fire organization all-encompassing of our community. Bucks Lake Fire Department Inc. can continue to provide Fire/Medical services in support of all at Bucks Lake.

We will be able to expand our services to the entire community.  Some examples of past Bucks Lake Fire Department action in support of our friends and neighbors include:

  • Community Bulletin Board installed and maintained next to the station
  • Website with real time pictures around the Fire House, both winter and summer
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Aluminum can recycle, at fire house and campgrounds
  • CPR/AED training
  • Emergency Call Box on outside of station (rings directly to 911)
  • Established Emergency LZ’s (landing zones) throughout area for medical helicopters
  • Developed and trained winter over-the-snow rescue team
  • Purchase and maintain satellite telephone to use both summer and winter for emergency calls from fire truck or from groomer machine in the winter in remote areas of the forest
  • Assisted Otto Bracket’s (boat patrol) Retirement party
  • Brought fire trucks to local residences and provide tour of the “Fire Trucks” for local kids
  • Recurrent training specific to the Bucks Lake Area and it’s hazards, e.g. low-angle rescue or “off the side of a steep hill”
  • Coordination and training with the winter groomer operators and Snowdrifter’s snowmobile club to provide emergency training on snowmobile accidents and hypothermia
  • Provide access and placement inside fire station for winter rescue sled and over-snow vehicle
  • Emergency radios within Camp Timberwolf, LDS camp and Sandy Point to report emergencies which expedites medical and fire response to emergencies at or near the camps
  • Mutual aid response to emergency calls for our neighbors in Meadow Valley when they need help or are called to help Quincy Fire on a large incident in Quincy or other parts of the County
  • Participate in Plumas County wide training events to better understand our role and how we can learn unique skills from other Fire Dept. responders.
  • Saved money and purchased a State OES Type 1 fire truck to replace our 1978 Firetruck.



P. O. Box 119

Meadow Valley, CA 95956

Cabin owners Dues, $130   Seasonal Campers, RV, Friends, Associates dues, $50.  Everyone’s invited to join…..