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WE NEED YOU Come and Help Our Community

Come Join Us and Become A Volunteer Firefighter With Bucks Lake Fire

Recruitment is in process,  come apply for a position on our Fire Department.

We need you,  join Bucks Lake Volunteer Fire Department and enjoy the feeling of helping others when they are in need.  Learn how you can help by contacting us and discussing the path to becoming a Volunteer Firefighter/ Emergency Medical Responder.

Its exciting, rewarding, and your helping your fellow man during a life crisis.  What could be better! All Training and personal protective gear supplied by Bucks Lake Fire,  we just need you to participate…

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Installing a new wind sock

Installing a new wind sock

mop up on a cabin fire

mop up on a cabin fire

vehicle roll over and extrication

vehicle roll over and extrication

No I am not kidding 850 meals served


line almost to Haskins Creek

crowd2 crowd3reach5 reach9The 10th annual 4th of July pancake breakfast to support the Bucks Lake Volunteer Firefighters was over the top a wonderful event.  Thank you for attending

Below we installed a new windsock for the helicopter to arrive.

The REACH helicopter was quickly mobbed by our guests and the crew did a great job  of demonstrating its capability’s.

Installing a new wind sock

Installing a new wind sock


As always the raffle was wonderful and the prizes were the best ever! Thanks RTP for all your work soliciting prizes again this year.


thanks to all our guests, crew, cooks, and donors for your support.

As for the person who wrote on the white board,  we love you too….

a little love right back at ya

a little love right back at ya


Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

It’s that time again when the Bucks Lake Volunteer Firefighters host the 4th of July Pancake Breakfast at the fire house…  We have the Snowdrifter Snowmobile Club members ready to help out by cooking and serving some of the best, most fluffy pancakes you will ever taste.  Along side these delicious pancakes will be some sausage that everyone raves about  “oh what a great taste”  those cooks sure know how to add a secret something to make the sausage melt in your mouth.  Oh yea and a big slice of cantaloupe to finish the cuisine…..


Coffee, juice, friends, family, and were helping our local volunteers   what could be a better way to start the day!!

We’ll see you there  SUNDAY    JULY 3rd  from 8-11 am


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