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Nicer Weather along the Way, Even Better Weekend Coming

The snows settling and that makes for a great ride anywhere in the greater Bucks Lake Area. 2-4 inches on Wednesday then back to easy riding conditions.

Have fun and Stay Safe out There.

Hows The Road into Bucks Lake

Well its a lot better now that the groomer team has drained the rain and water that was under the snow near Bucks Creek.

The covert plugged and caused the water to flow over the roadway. Then a deep area of slushiness swallowed several snow machines and out came the groomer to rescue and repair the problem.

Special thanks to the Groomer operators for their ever vigilance.

Calvert repairs 2019

2-16-19 10 am still snowing but forecast is for better weather late afternoon and Sunday. Sunshine Monday President’s Day.

Snow Rain Snow Sun

2/14/19 raining at 10:am Well it rained hard all night long. The snow poles say’s we lost about 1.5 feet of snow. Good news though is we still have 5 feet on the ground.
The forecast is for another 50 inches of snow by Sunday….

Happy Snow Days Ahead