Protecting our Community


To all our friends dis-placed in Oroville, We stand with you and pray for your safety

Think,  Stay safe,   plan ahead,   execute your plan early,   heed the warnings,   safe travels…





Will the back road from Oroville to Bucks Lake be open in the spring????


Given that this is what it looks now,  I would think about having a “Plan B”


This is just above Mountain House on the Oro-Quincy Highway

P.S.   just a little further up the road  it’s closed by winter snow  🙂

The Sheriff reported that Bucks Lake overflowed yesterday and continues to spill into Lower Bucks and the Grizzly Forebay causing problems at the lower end of the Canyon.

as of 2/10/17

9 a.m.: Leaving or gaining access to Plumas County is increasingly not an option. According to the CHP, the only route still open is from Highway 70 through Portola, and that could be in jeopardy as well, as the river continues to rise. Highway 70 through the Feather River Canyon continues to be closed with no estimate of reopening. Highway 89 is closed on both sides of Greenville, again with no estimate of reopening. In the event of an emergency, 4-wheel drive emergency vehicles could access the area from the Chester side, but it is completely closed south of Crescent Mills. Highway 89 is also closed at Clio. County Road A-24 is closed and Highway 49 is being assessed by Caltrans.


It’s over……. now time to dry out

Well it rained and rained and rained…..  I want to thank the groomer operators for all their hard work getting the trails ready for the Snowdrifters Poker Run.

One of the operators told me he personally drove the groomer 20 hours,  and to think their are 4 operators.  That’s a lot of hours.  On the right is a picture of one of them with his smiling face!  These guys work all winter to keep the trails smooth and clear of tree’s and damage.  This week alone they worked on several trees that fell into or along the road and repaired several places that the snow had washed out (off the road)  from all the rain.  They are working hard to keeping us safe.

Lets hear it for the working man,  give the man a hand, or just a thank you, or tip of the hat to them, as we ride by on our snowmobiles.