Protecting our Community


Emergency Medical Responders

We asked and they obtained the proper training.  60 hours of book and on line training along with 3 full days of hand’s on training,  CPR/AED re-certification and Bucks Lake Fire Department has 5 new EMR  trained responders.  Great job on their part not to mention the HUGE commitment to attend and train together.

The Bucks Lake Community and visitors will be well cared for in the event they have a personal emergency at the lake.


Good Work

Lots of Snow some road damage in Bucks Lake is visible

Be careful out there as some road damage is visible in and around Bucks Lake.  There’s a slide on Big Creek near the bottom staging area (you can get around on snow machines)

The creeks along side the groomed roads are very deep 10+ feet down in many places, waters running over the road and the pavements exposed along Bucks Lake Road near Bucks Creek, and the big one is on Bucks Lake Road near Haskin’s Creek.  The road washed out about to the yellow line so use caution when transiting this area.  The picture is looking from Haskin’s Bridge toward the fire house

Stay safe, have fun

Picture to the right is of Lower Bucks road at the first camp site.  Roads washed out between the first and second camp sites

Long Delays but… Canyons open


This just in from Caltrans…

SR 70 is OPEN between the Greenville Wye and Jarbo Gap. There are 3-4 locations where one-way traffic control will be in place so please be patient and expect long delays. Currently, there are no exceptions so commercial vehicles may travel through.

(message from the Fire Chief)    1-800-gas-roads   call and check current conditions before you go.