Protecting our Community




Let the plowing begin…..  County says they will start on MONDAY 🙂

With the rain and the warm weather you can just look at the pictures and realize that’s not a lot of work to open the road.  I have faith in them and await their arrival.

Hopefully we get an up date and they announce that  they have opened the back road soon………  (Whom ever travels it first pass along a report as to conditions on the dirt detour)

I for one am ready for summer.  Thanks to Jay for the news.


Atmospheric River

A long plume of WARM moisture laden air mass pointed at the Bucks Lake area all the way from Hawaii to Bucks.

Thursday through Saturday we will receive warm rain and lots of it.  2-7″ …… Well that should take care of the little bit of snow  left over from our Miracle March.


The geese have arrived at Bucks and are circling to land.  By next week they will adorn the meadow near the fire station and be honking away.  This is a true sign from Mother nature that spring has arrived.  Oh yea the lakes full  let’s get this party started.

Winter’s Over April Showers Bring May Flowers

O’l man winter put your stuff away as spring is just around the corner to make big beautiful daffodil’s, green meadow grass, bountiful colorful meadow flowers and warm lake water…..

Just a little more snow then the temperature raises to the warm 70’s for the next week or so.    Poor snow won’t stand a chance to those radiant numbers.


I am looking forward to the return of the geese, ducks, wild birds, fishing, hunting, snow less roads, friends, family, guests………

Only a couple weeks left for our snow laden winter  come on up and enjoy the next storm.  Then enjoy the fresh scent of spring and summer.

Take only pictures and leave only foot prints…

(unless your Neil Armstrong on the moon 🙂