Protecting our Community


Wow That’s a great looking new Bucks Lake Fire Truck

Yep that’s some of our firefighters and friends helping to polish our new fire truck.  This engine came from the California Office of Emergency Services and was delivered to Bucks Lake Fire this week.   We received this from a group of fire engines the state was re-distributing to small agencies in the wildland urban interface to help them compensate with being in an area of elevated fire potential.

We applied for the grant and received this engine fully stocked with all the necessary tools, hose, fittings, and rescue gear that the engine was originally supplied with.  This makes this fire truck ready to fight fire or run a call in and about the Bucks Lake Area…… What an asset for our fire department.

Whats even better is the Chief and our Highlands home owners are working together to deliver, operate, and store our old engine 7921 up at the Highlands sub-division….. Now if there is an incident in the Highlands area they have a fire truck in the immediate area.  Bucks Lake Fire will help our new Highlands crew to get up to speed on the operation of 7921 and we hope this will provide the much needed support for this part of our community.


20 June, 2019 08:07

Team Work In the Meadow

Installing a new wind sock

In the good old days our seasoned firefighters worked together to accomplish the task at hand.  This is an example of them installing a new wind sock and replacing the pole in to the ground.  They kept the windsock in excellent condition to help the emergency medical helicopter assess the ground wind when it came to land at the  Bucks Lake Meadow LZ and address a medical event.  Our Fire Department volunteers were trained in helicopter landing zone operations and 2 years ago they participated and were certified in HOT LOADING at night of a patient into the helicopter with the rotor blades running.  Very dangerous but sometimes this operation is necessary.

Your vote to separate the Fire Department from the HOA will insure you will have trained, seasoned, professional, firefighters with qualified leadership when the need arrives.