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Spring Time Is Coming To The Meadow

The ol’ stop sign is emerging from its blanket of snow so that means only 6 feet on the ground….

Well until Friday thru the weekend as we get another foot of fresh snow. (so NOAA Forecast is saying)

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising and no longer in the “teens” the snow will become water in the lake.
Enjoy the last few weeks or month of snow before the summertime starts and we are back to enjoying the Bucks Lake Experience.

Sunny and Warm Weather is Coming to Bucks Lake

yes it is true warm weather is about to arrive at Bucks Lake… The latest forecast says 51 degrees on Friday and through the weekend.

Now that is perfect weather for snowmobiling and playing in the snow… Come on up and enjoy our little winter wonderland.

Play Safe Though

Stop Sign Coming Into View

Yes that is the top of the sign starting to show………..

The ski resorts plan to be open till 4th of July I wonder how long the snow will be around at Bucks Lake??

I for one am ready to go and enjoy snow, spring, summer and all the beauty of the lake. Reminds me of the song

“Spring time comes to the meadow, mother nature is changing the scene…. gone are the snows of the winter time now the earth wears a carpet of green”