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The Forecast Said Rain and Yes It Is Raining

Loud thunder and rain….. so much rain it is puddling on the ground!

This will surely help the fire danger though…….

And the temperatures are dropping in the mornings so I predict fall is in the air and Ol’ man winter is on his way.


Friday the 13th is good luck……..The Back Road Opens on the 13th at 5 p.m.

Yep  we went down to check on evacuation routes and talked to the Foreman on the road job.  He said the stripes get painted on the 13th of September and the road will be open to traffic both ways at 5 pm.


What a relief to be able to transit on the pavement.   I for one can’t wait.  Remember this is what it LOOKED like after it moved.  So take your time as you travel over the new road and enjoy.

Thanks to the crews who worked on the project.


11 September, 2019 15:02


11 September, 2019 07:26

Walker Fire Update – Sept. 9, 2019 PM Update.pdf

Walker Fire Update – Sept. 9, 2019 PM Update.pdf


8 September, 2019 09:49


7 September, 2019 18:28

Pancake Breakfast on Labor Day Weekend was a Great Success

Yes we did it….. We were not sure how moving to Labor Day would affect the pancake breakfast of the Volunteer Firefighter but you overwhelmed us. THANKS

It felt heartwarming to receive all the praise and love our community offered. Thank you.

This is a future firefighter for Bucks Lake Fire Department!!  He rolled all 50 feet into the finished roll.

Presenting our Meadow Valley Fire Department friends with an award for all they do to help us as mutual aid responders.  Thanks to all the Meadow Valley Crew.

Meadow Valley vs. Bucks Lake who shot water the farthest??

Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard, (Good Ol’ Boys), by Waylon Jennings fro…

Well Come Have Breakfast With Our Firefighters Saturday August 31


Why not?    The Bucks Lake Firefighters are holding a pancake breakfast for our community this Saturday from 8-11.

We have fire trucks, a medical helicopter and lots of vendors plus a raffle.   Come show your support to the tireless efforts of our own trained professional crew of Volunteer Firefighters who provide service to the Bucks Lake Community, campers, and visitors.

I know we normally have our pancake breakfast on the 4th of July, but  were taking a chance and providing the event this Labor Day Weekend.  YES there will be another pancake breakfast in July 2020, so if you can’t be here Labor Day we look forward to seeing you next year.

Our firefighters love our community and the Bucks Lake area.  We are glad to be back at full strength and have a Board that sees the benefit of our services.  The most important part of this is the love and support of our friends in the community who remind us that service above self is what it’s all about.  Hours of training, preparing, communicating, relating our personal experiences is just a small portion of our Volunteerism.   Camaraderie, mutual aid training, group events are the reward to these dedicated individuals.

Meadow Valley Fire Protection District is planning to attend and bring their fire truck as well.  Please take a moment to thank these volunteers as well, because they ALWAYS offer to support us and will be on scene in a moments notice or less to care for the injured or provide support to you in the event you have an emergency.  These are great partners in the emergency business and a welcome asset to Bucks Lake Fire Department.  ( yes we respond as needed to Meadow Valley in support of their effort as well.  That’s what the Mutual Aid system is all about)

Come see the equipment we have and maintain to provide emergency service to any one who is in the Bucks Lake Area.

Chief Pat Cook, Chief Jim Rutherford, who also serves as Asst. Chief, and Chief Iversen, inspect our new fire truck



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Bucks Lake Fire Needs Your Help

With all the turmoil of the past year the fire plan membership is lower than expected.  While many of you joined the HOA to successfully vote the old board out,  Joining the fire department did not occur.

I have had many people ask  “Where do I send my check to be part of the fire department?”

the answer is easy:)…………………………………………

Just drop it in the mail to

Bucks Lake Fire 

P. O. Box 1520

Quincy, CA 95971

The fire department needs funds to fix, repair, replace our trucks and equipment.  After two years of no funds it is difficult for the volunteer firefighters to keep up with all the work.   The’ll get it done.  The fire department is operational, firefighters are re-certified, trucks are operational, equipment is ready.

To those of you who have been members of the fire plan for years we thank you and want to welcome you back.  Pleased join us.


Bucks Lake Volunteer firefighters


P.S.  Pancake Breakfast is set for AUGUST 31, 2019  8-11 AT THE FIRE STATION    LABOR DAY WEEKEND

See you there.

Between doors



Image(DVR:Fire Cams CH0)

How do I pay for the fire plan services of Bucks Lake Fire?

It’s easy just mail you $130 dues to the new mail box in Quincy, CA.

Bucks Lake HOA/Fire

Post Office Box 1520

Quincy, CA 95971


Thank you for your support and let’s keep our fire department up and running.  Why just this past week our fire department ran 4 call for service from medical emergencies to a missing over due person.  All had positive outcomes.

Great work Bucks Lake Fire Firefighters and thanks for getting the station up and running properly.

Wow That’s a great looking new Bucks Lake Fire Truck

Yep that’s some of our firefighters and friends helping to polish our new fire truck.  This engine came from the California Office of Emergency Services and was delivered to Bucks Lake Fire this week.   We received this from a group of fire engines the state was re-distributing to small agencies in the wildland urban interface to help them compensate with being in an area of elevated fire potential.

We applied for the grant and received this engine fully stocked with all the necessary tools, hose, fittings, and rescue gear that the engine was originally supplied with.  This makes this fire truck ready to fight fire or run a call in and about the Bucks Lake Area…… What an asset for our fire department.

Whats even better is the Chief and our Highlands home owners are working together to deliver, operate, and store our old engine 7921 up at the Highlands sub-division….. Now if there is an incident in the Highlands area they have a fire truck in the immediate area.  Bucks Lake Fire will help our new Highlands crew to get up to speed on the operation of 7921 and we hope this will provide the much needed support for this part of our community.


20 June, 2019 08:07

Team Work In the Meadow

Installing a new wind sock

In the good old days our seasoned firefighters worked together to accomplish the task at hand.  This is an example of them installing a new wind sock and replacing the pole in to the ground.  They kept the windsock in excellent condition to help the emergency medical helicopter assess the ground wind when it came to land at the  Bucks Lake Meadow LZ and address a medical event.  Our Fire Department volunteers were trained in helicopter landing zone operations and 2 years ago they participated and were certified in HOT LOADING at night of a patient into the helicopter with the rotor blades running.  Very dangerous but sometimes this operation is necessary.

Your vote to separate the Fire Department from the HOA will insure you will have trained, seasoned, professional, firefighters with qualified leadership when the need arrives.

It’s April and April Showers Bring May Flowers

It might be hard for the daffodils to push up thru the seven feet of snow but Mother Nature will do her best.

Sunny Weekend then a little more rain and snow next week

Saturday is forecast to be 50 degrees in Bucks Lake  wow…………


Governor Newsom Proclaims State of Emergency on Wildfires to Protect State’s Most Vulnerable Communities

Governor Newsom Proclaims State of Emergency on Wildfires to Protect State’s Most Vulnerable Communities

Governor expedites forest management projects that will protect 200 communities most prone to fire risk

California has also launched a $50 million public campaign on preparedness to build resiliency among vulnerable populations at the highest risk for natural disasters

SACRAMENTO – Building on lessons learned from past catastrophic wildfires, Governor Gavin Newsom today proclaimed a state of emergency throughout California ahead of the coming fire season. The Governor is directing his administration to immediately expedite forest management projects that will protect 200 of California’s most wildfire-vulnerable communities.

This action follows the release of a report earlier this month by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), which identified 35 priority fuel-reduction projects that can be implemented immediately to help reduce the public safety risk for wildfire.

“The increasing wildfire risks we face as a state mean we simply can’t wait until a fire starts in order to start deploying emergency resources,” said Governor Newsom. “California needs sustained focus and immediate action in order to better protect our communities.”

The state of emergency provides time-saving waivers of administrative and regulatory requirements to protect public safety and allow for action to be taken in the next 12 months, which will begin to systematically address community vulnerability and wildfire fuel buildup through the rapid deployment of forest management resources.

These 35 priority projects were identified by geographic areas with populations that are particularly at risk during natural disasters. Paired with traditional natural risk factors, this data paints a more accurate assessment of the real human risk and can help guide preventative action to help prevent loss of life — especially for vulnerable groups.

Previously, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order on his first full day in office directing CAL FIRE, in consultation with other state agencies and departments, to recommend immediate, medium- and long-term actions to help prevent destructive wildfires.


Governor Newsom today also announced the next phase of an effort to modernize the way the state contracts for goods and technology systems, to prepare for and assist during disasters.

The “Innovation Procurement Sprint” seeks to turn government contracting on its head by giving the best and brightest minds an opportunity to have their wildfire solutions tested and evaluated in the field. The Governor ordered this “sprint” so that the best tools and technologies can be purchased under government contract while they are still cutting-edge, in an effort to save lives and properties.

“California has experienced an increase in catastrophic wildfires over the past ten years,” said CAL FIRE Director Thom Porter. “The Procurement Sprint enables CAL FIRE to think outside the box and work with innovators from across the private, public and non-profit sectors to identify solutions to the challenge of detecting when a wildfire starts, and subsequently, where the fire will progress.”

Now that the Procurement Sprint is underway, CAL FIRE is inviting vendors, academics, entrepreneurs and scientists from a range of industries to propose innovative technological solutions to yield more comprehensive and effective results to address the state’s wildfire problems. The goal is to foster a culture of innovation, communication and collaboration between the private and public sectors and nonprofit organizations, while engaging the public in these efforts.


Further, Governor Newsom announced additional details on the $50 million California for All Emergency Preparedness Campaign.

The campaign — a joint initiative between Cal Volunteers and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services — will augment the efforts of first responders by ensuring at least one million of the most vulnerable Californians are connected to culturally and linguistically competent support.

The campaign will provide:

  • $24.25 million in grants to community-based organizations across the state to prepare residents for natural disasters through education and resources designed to bolster resiliency.
  • $12.6 million to support community efforts to build resiliency and respond to disasters by dispatching expert disaster teams to key regions and expanding citizen emergency response teams (CERT).
  • $13.15 million to assist community groups in the development of a linguistically and culturally appropriate public awareness and outreach campaign, directed specifically at the most vulnerable California communities.

Funding for this campaign through AB 72 was approved by the Legislature, and the bill was signed by the Governor last month.


In addition to the funding for preparedness communications, the California Natural Resources Agency and Department of Conservation have announced the award of $20 million in block grants for regional projects that improve forest health and increase fire resiliency. This Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program helps communities prioritize, develop and implement projects that strengthen fire resiliency.

Finally, the administration announced today that it is publishing Emergency Alert and Warning Guidelines. The guidelines, which were mandated as a result of SB 833 (McGuire), aim to help cities, counties and the state get on the same page when it comes to communicating with Californians in an emergency.


Spring Time Is Coming To The Meadow

The ol’ stop sign is emerging from its blanket of snow so that means only 6 feet on the ground….

Well until Friday thru the weekend as we get another foot of fresh snow. (so NOAA Forecast is saying)

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising and no longer in the “teens” the snow will become water in the lake.
Enjoy the last few weeks or month of snow before the summertime starts and we are back to enjoying the Bucks Lake Experience.

Sunny and Warm Weather is Coming to Bucks Lake

yes it is true warm weather is about to arrive at Bucks Lake… The latest forecast says 51 degrees on Friday and through the weekend.

Now that is perfect weather for snowmobiling and playing in the snow… Come on up and enjoy our little winter wonderland.

Play Safe Though