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Welcome To The Ranks

Thanks to these new members of the Bucks Lake Fire Department for your dedication and perseverance in completing the Fire Academy.  40+ hours over 5 weekends.  Great work.

Also thanks to Marcia Giller, Jim Rutherford, and Jeff Iversen for attending the academy to help as instructors, mentors, medical help, and all the others tasks required to make the academy a success.

2015 Academy 13 Graduates Agrusa, Beskeen, Beskeen, Stephens

2015 Academy 13 Graduates
Agrusa, Beskeen, Beskeen, Stephens

Recruitment Works!!!

We have 5 new persons joining our Fire Department.  4 of these new people are attending the Quincy Fire Academy # 13 over the five weeks of April and May.  Great commitment on the part of these new recruits.  This returns our ranks to 15 members ready to serve. (watch this site for pictures of our members experiencing the academy activities)

The Academy gives a great over view of fire service and suppression techniques.  The commitment of 40+ hours of training is a lot of work.   It’s hard work but they will be well prepared to help their fellow man in the event of an emergency.  As alway play safe at Bucks Lake and if there’s an emergency CALL 911  and we will immediately come to your aid.

The Firefighters Annual Pancake Breakfast is on 4th of July weekend, come join us. By the way do you have access to any raffle prizes?  if so bring them by or drop at the Haskins Store  the Fire Department will be forever grateful.  This event shows our support for the Firefighters and all the good they do.

Volunteers Needed, Teamwork Makes a Difference

Station recruit banner snow 2014


Become part of our team and enjoy an extremely rewarding experience.  We are the ordinary-Doing the Extraordinary.  Volunteer Fire Departments are composed of people with a strong sense of community, camaraderie,  friendship, teamwork, personal investment, and self-sacrifice.

Being a volunteer firefighter is an extremely rewarding experience.  Firefighters make a difference in the community.  Firefighters come to the aid of persons in times of greatest need, life and death is often in the balance.  Bucks Lake Firefighters positively impact our familys, friends, neighbors, and visitors in the Bucks Lake region.

We as all departments face the challenge of recruiting and retaining a capable number of experienced personnel.  Come join us and we will teach you the “ropes” so to speak.  We provide all training, personal protective gear, and equipment.  You provide some time to learn and together we will continue to make a positive difference upon our community in many ways.  (Call or e-mail us about your interest.)

We  have administrative positions available.  You can assist with non-physical roles, such as administration, computer stuff, webmaster, grant writing, equipment manager, new equipment acquisition, community out- reach……