Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

The first of the winter storms is upon us and the rain snow mix will be just the start of our winter season.

Call Box between doors at station

I need to remind you that its a long way out if you get hurt or need emergency services in the winter time.  So plan to have SAFE fun this winter and if you need help Call 911

Remember there is an Emergency Call Box at the station between the roll up doors, just push the button and it will connect you to the Plumas County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center.



Training with the Rescue sled last winter.  This ATV/Sled is the over snow transport if your injured.  Patient is loaded inside and towed to the summit where the ambulance awaits.  On a clear day you will be transported by Medivac Helicopter.

Have a great winter and a safe one!  See you on the snow.

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