Nothing But Wonderful Snow, and plenty of it


Well we are doing pretty good as far as snow fall.  With over 5 feet and and we have some great conditions for winter fun.  The groomer is operating and they say the snow is light and fluffy.  Summit has been plowed by the County.  (picture to the right is a snow pole,  in Countryman area.  Zoom in to see the measurements  )  is over on Mile High and shows the snow on that side of the lake.

Thank you groomer operators in advance for your tireless positive work ethic.  We really do appreciate your volunteer service to keep our 120 miles of roads and trails in great shape for our Bucks Lake family, winter friends, and visitors.


REMEMBER:  Play it safe out there cause  Stupid Hurts,  Call 911 or use the call box between the roll up doors on the fire station if you have an emergency.

CONGRATULATIONS ON 1500 VIEWS OF THIS SITE IN ONE WEEK.  I guess snow on the camera helps

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