The Community Speaks, Separate the Fire Department from the HOA

Please go to    and sign the petition, print a membership application and drop at Haskin’s store or mail back.  Lets keep our fire department in operation.

Here’s a list of a few community members who support separation of Fire and the HOA:

Neal Baker                     Current HOA Board Member

Ken Nelson                     Past HOA President 10 yrs. Current Bucks Lake Firefighter

Pat Cook                         Past HOA President,  Founder of Bucks Lake Fire Dept.  Fire Chief 12 yrs.

Chuck Finwick                 Past HOA Board Member over 10 yrs HOA Board  and Past Bucks Lake Firefighter

Mark Mantle                   Past HOA Board Member,  Past Captain Bucks Lake Fire Dept 14 years

Gernert Lorenzen            Past HOA Board Member 10 yrs

Rich Casarotti                 Past HOA Board Member 20 yrs

Barry O Sullivan              Past HOA Board Member

Debbie Knipe                  Past HOA Secretary/Treasurer 10 yrs. Current Bucks Lake Fire Dispatcher

Jim Rutherford                Past Assistant Chief BLFD  20 yrs

Jeff Iversen                      Current Fire Chief BLFD 14 yrs service

Marcie Baker, Jay Grubbs,  Candi Grubbs, Roger Grubbs, Dave Pearson, Mike and Barbara Price, Mike Monahan, Sally Anderson, Joe Knight, Fred Ludeman,  Kim Henderson  Lakeshore Resort.  Dewitt Henderson  Bucks Lake Marina, Norm Cote”, Haskin’s B&B Dixie Nelson, John and Glenda Morse,………………….

Just to name a few.

[excerpt from motion adopted by HOA Board 6-28-18 at Special Board Meeting ” The Bucks Lake HOA Board members want the Fire Chief to know that he has there support 100%. If this were not the case he would have been removed from his position by now.”

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