Can you Drown in Snow? Well its getting better today but… more this weekend

Wednesday 2/27/19 8:30 Has anyone seen the community bulletin board or the stop sign?

Well you need to look both ways before you move into the intersection at Bucks Lake Road and Big Creek

Tuesday morning; Well it really snowed and the huge amount of snow has the internet dish temporarily off line. The funny thing is at any moment it could come alive again, all it needs is to shed the snow and back in business.

We will keep an eye on it and post as soon as we get an image.
NOAA still says 42″ now to Thursday.

**Did you know another storm is forecast for the weekend** What a sense of humor Mother Nature has………

We will find out, The forecast from 2/25/19 to 2/28/19 Thursday is for:
122″ as the low total
154″ is the high total

Mind you I get these from the NOAA forecast at I have it set for 14 miles WSW of Quincy Elevation of 5499′ at Countryman Estates area.

But with my understanding of “new math” that means there could be 10.16 Feet or 12.83 feet of fresh new powder.

As for the drowning part, I for one am not going to find out. (SAFETY FIRST) But if the power stays on I can send a picture or two of a snow pole, the pole already reads 6 feet so here we go.

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