Bucks Lake Fire Needs Your Help

With all the turmoil of the past year the fire plan membership is lower than expected.  While many of you joined the HOA to successfully vote the old board out,  Joining the fire department did not occur.

I have had many people ask  “Where do I send my check to be part of the fire department?”

the answer is easy:)…………………………………………

Just drop it in the mail to

Bucks Lake Fire 

P. O. Box 1520

Quincy, CA 95971

The fire department needs funds to fix, repair, replace our trucks and equipment.  After two years of no funds it is difficult for the volunteer firefighters to keep up with all the work.   The’ll get it done.  The fire department is operational, firefighters are re-certified, trucks are operational, equipment is ready.

To those of you who have been members of the fire plan for years we thank you and want to welcome you back.  Pleased join us.


Bucks Lake Volunteer firefighters


P.S.  Pancake Breakfast is set for AUGUST 31, 2019  8-11 AT THE FIRE STATION    LABOR DAY WEEKEND

See you there.

Between doors


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