Well Come Have Breakfast With Our Firefighters Saturday August 31


Why not?    The Bucks Lake Firefighters are holding a pancake breakfast for our community this Saturday from 8-11.

We have fire trucks, a medical helicopter and lots of vendors plus a raffle.   Come show your support to the tireless efforts of our own trained professional crew of Volunteer Firefighters who provide service to the Bucks Lake Community, campers, and visitors.

I know we normally have our pancake breakfast on the 4th of July, but  were taking a chance and providing the event this Labor Day Weekend.  YES there will be another pancake breakfast in July 2020, so if you can’t be here Labor Day we look forward to seeing you next year.

Our firefighters love our community and the Bucks Lake area.  We are glad to be back at full strength and have a Board that sees the benefit of our services.  The most important part of this is the love and support of our friends in the community who remind us that service above self is what it’s all about.  Hours of training, preparing, communicating, relating our personal experiences is just a small portion of our Volunteerism.   Camaraderie, mutual aid training, group events are the reward to these dedicated individuals.

Meadow Valley Fire Protection District is planning to attend and bring their fire truck as well.  Please take a moment to thank these volunteers as well, because they ALWAYS offer to support us and will be on scene in a moments notice or less to care for the injured or provide support to you in the event you have an emergency.  These are great partners in the emergency business and a welcome asset to Bucks Lake Fire Department.  ( yes we respond as needed to Meadow Valley in support of their effort as well.  That’s what the Mutual Aid system is all about)

Come see the equipment we have and maintain to provide emergency service to any one who is in the Bucks Lake Area.

Chief Pat Cook, Chief Jim Rutherford, who also serves as Asst. Chief, and Chief Iversen, inspect our new fire truck


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