PG&E At Your Service PSPS planned for October 8 midnight








UPDATE 10/11/19 9:43AM

PG&E texted me “Weather has improved. Crews are working to safely restore power.”  O.E.S. says Plumas is last in line to have power, and the target date for full restoration is Sunday 10-13-19 at midnight

Now you know as much as me!


UPDATE 10/10/19 7:50AM

well based on last night and looking across the meadow right now,  I have to presume PG&E hired “Chicken  Little” as their weather prognosticator.  Yes the wind did blow last night BUT not anywhere near the predictions.  No tree’s, branches, twigs, or even leaves in the driveway.  H U H

And the powers still out!  Winds are forecast to dye off after noon today.  then hurry up and wait for the power to turn back on


UPDATE 10/9/18 08:40 AM

The powers out, winds are very light almost non-existent, BUT the big event is coming soon.  Honker down in your foxhole and wait.

This afternoon and evening PG&E expects gusts of 35-50 mph.  hang onto your hat.


UPDATE: 10/8/19 8:05 PM

Midnight is the magic time for the shut down of power to Bucks Lake….  In the event of an emergency try your phone and call 911 as an alternate go to Haskin’s Store or any open lodge. between 8-6 and hopefully their generator is operational and they can summon help.  If the cell phones work then you can gain access to  cell coverage at the summit of over near Mt. Arat road.



10/7/19 4:19 pm Yep and it could last for DAYS  They plan an all clear for  Thursday October 10 by approximately  noon.



PG&E anticipates 5 days for restoration of power due to an event of this size.

Well OK


“Attention on the Deck”

all generators to standby   good luck


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