Kincade Fire looms over Sonoma County

Life and property are a precious commodity in  events around a wildfire.  Our Sonoma County friends and families are displaced.  Well over 180,000 people are not in their places of residence, more than 50,000 acres burned, almost 100 structures destroyed.  Its just un-imaginable….. how can you relate to this.

Oh and don’t forget that 2 earthquakes occurred in the 85 square miles of blackened fire zone last night.

1,000,000 (one million) people without power?

Raging fires, high winds and blackouts: are we living a disaster movie?

Then there’s Southern California’s wild fires and problems.

We all love Bucks Lake and want our little piece of tranquility to remain safe and secure.  Fire is an ominous problem that needs to be addressed AS SOON AS IT STARTS, not addressed when and if another agency can get there.   Thank you Bucks Lake Fire Volunteer Firefighters for all you do to help us protect our little slice of heaven, we call Bucks Lake.

THERE ARE ONLY 2 TIMES YOU CAN PUT A FIRE OUT WITH A BUCKET OF WATER……  WHEN IT FIRST STARTS AND WHEN ITS ALL DONE.  Firefighting is truly a “time is of the essence” proposition.

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