Our Founder and Past Fire Chief Pat Cook Received His Final Call

Fire Chief and founding member of the Bucks Lake Fire Department, Pat Cook,  passed away this weekend with family at his side.

Pat worked tirelessly to form and operate the Bucks Lake Fire Company in the early 1990’s through the 2000’s.  Pat was the driving force to get equipment and build a station at Bucks Lake.  He recruited other members of the community to help and provide a much-needed service to our local area.

Through Pat’s efforts we were able to receive donations from our membership to fund the construction of the current fire station, purchase fire trucks, train together and respond to calls for emergency service.

Our fire department is Pat’s vision and longtime endeavor.

Our fire fighters and our community as well our guests to Bucks Lake owe a debt of gratitude to Pat for his vision, tenacity, and dedication to the well being of all of us.

Thank you for your tireless effort Pat, may you rest in peace.

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