18 September, 2020 12:08

These pictures are from the area of 4 trees warming hut on the east end along the road.  There is fire on the back road as close as Frenchman Hill, both sides of the road.

Frenchman hill is the steep hill just west of the Grubb’s Cow Camp.

Additionally there is fire in the area of Grizzly Lake which is east of the Cow Camp on the southern side, or between the sub division and the Cow Camp. It is not in the sub division.  Fire is all along Red mountain above the Cow Camp and is being monitored by crews and helicopters.

No structures have been lost and the high danger areas have hoses pre-set around the houses so the fire engines can move in and hook up if the need arises.  Highlands has a strike team of (5) engines and water tenders as well “pumpkins” or portable water tanks. Additional engines are  in the area patrolling if any spot fires were to erupt. No fires are in the immediate area of the Highlands. 13:13 pm 9/17/20

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