1994 to 2014, Twenty Years of Service to Our Community

10678645_782101841853145_4807300444826000201_n[1]Yes it is true, 20 years ago Pat Cook had an idea that the Bucks Lake Community needed to provide our own fire suppression service to our cabin owners.  As the plan grew support from the members of our homeowners association and friends, Pat recruited local community members to become the first fire fighters of the all volunteer Bucks Lake Volunteer Fire Company for the benefit of the homeowners.

And thus the start of the fire plan.  As time moved forward the homeowners voluntarily funded the building of the fire station and procurement of a retired Forest Service fire truck loving named “Brutus”,  then our current engine 7921 (the yellow truck).  Our mutual aid partner and neighbors donated “Lil Red” to our fleet. Lil Red was a 1968 GMC pick up converted to fire truck . It ran the medical calls as well had 100 gallons of water on board for small stuff.

When Pat retired, Mike Hoover was the new Fire Chief. He was successful in writing a grant for new PPE, (personal protective equipment) turnouts, boots, helmets, breathing masks and tanks (SCBA), and clothing.  Mike decided his talents were best suited as a member of our team so Jim Rutherford took over the duties as Fire Chief for a while. After Jim’s tenure as chief,  Jeff Iversen became our current Fire Chief.

It has been 20 years since the beginning of  fire service to our community, friends, and visitors.  It is with pride I offer a hearty CONGRATULATIONS BUCKS LAKE FIRE DEPARTMENT!!

If  you need help CALL 911. Our fire department volunteers will respond and  if additional resources are required we can call upon our capable  neighbors the Meadow Valley Fire Department.

Stay safe and enjoy the bounty of our area. Please be careful. Think fire safe. Enjoy Bucks Lake

The annual pancake breakfast on July 5, 2014 was a huge success.  We served over 650 breakfasts, our raffle prize table was stuffed, and all had a great time.   Fire trucks, helicopters,crafts, friends, fun………Thanks to all our wonderful staff who work tirelessly to make this a success.





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