Working together for our community

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Fire departments, snowmobilers, search and rescue train together

From left, Garrett Grubbs, Neal Baker, Barbara Price, Debbie Knipe and Kyle Felker prep a “patient” for transportation during a rescue training in October at the Bucks Lake fire station. Photos by Jim Rutherford

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The Bucks Lake Snowdrifters snowmobiling group, Bucks Lake Fire Department, Meadow Valley Fire Department and Plumas County Search and Rescue conducted a snow rescue training session Oct. 18 at the Bucks Lake fire station. The four groups spent about four hours learning how to locate those injured, lost or broken down out on backcountry snow trails and how to handle the medical situations that may arise once they are on scene.

Extensive time was spent on how SAR locates incoming calls from cellphones. The training also covered how to treat and package patients for transportation to a helicopter landing zone or to the nearest ambulance.

The Snowdrifters’ rescue sled is pulled by a track-equipped Polaris four-wheeler. On board are medical supplies and a backboard: the same equipment is carried on board the summer rescue truck.

The day’s activities were planned by Bucks Lake Fire Chief Jeff Iversen and supervised by Iversen and Medical Officer Marcia Giller. Participants also received continuing education credits.

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