4th of July Pancake Breakfast, Thank You

Thank you for participating, sharing, and supporting our Volunteer Firefighters by attending our 9th annual pancake breakfast.  The turn out was tremendous.  Our Volunteers really felt your love and appreciation.   See you next year…


Pancake Breakfast July 4th, 2015    8-11 am

Remember summer 2006? That was the first year the Fire Volunteers with the help of the Snowdrifters snowmobile club tried to have a pancake breakfast to support the Bucks Lake Fire volunteers.  We planned for 150 people and almost 250 showed up to support our fire members.  WOW! We scurried around and located enough pancake mix, sausage, bacon and melon to serve our wonderful customers.

The writing is on the wall. This is the premier event of the 4th of July weekend at Bucks Lake.

As we approach the 9th year we have supplies for the 650 or so meals we will be serving and some extra if the lines swell again.   It’s a big job to purchase 1000 plates, cups, utensil, napkins, coffee, juice, melons, pounds of pancake mix, syrup, butter and sausage.

Our cooks have been with us since the start. Some transitions but the core group is still ready to go each year and they give of their time and talent with no reward or anticipation of acknowledgement.  When you go through the line tip your hat to them as they are another reason this event is a success.

Our raffle has many donors who support us with the fabulous gifts, gift cards, and prizes.  As always we are looking for raffle prizes. Can you donate something?  Bring it by Haskins Store and leave it with Debbie for the Fire Department.  Your help is truly appreciated.

We have a medical helicopter scheduled for that day. Also, our fire trucks will be on display and polished for your inspection of the Buck Lake Fire Department vehicles and equipment.  And truck 7921 will be ready for your children or grand children to come and play “Fire Person” and squirt the hose, crawl around the truck and honk the air horn.  Bring your camera as this is a Kodak moment.  We will provide the fire jackets and helmets for them to wear.

In closing, this is a family event so come on down to the fire station between 8 am and 11 am, enjoy breakfast and observe the equipment we have available  in case of a fire or medical emergency.

Shop at the craft fair alongside the breakfast line, buy some raffle tickets, get your Bucks Lake Fire T-shirt, and support the firefighters of our community.

See you and your family at the breakfast and thanks again for your support.

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