Wildfire has arrived with a vengence

As you are no doubt aware there are many wildfires in Northern California as you read this.  The closest to us in Oroville and is exploding in the hot weather.

Hats off to the brave firefighters who have responded to this fire and are hard at work suppressing this disaster.  Keep them safe and positive thoughts to the many home owners, land owners, business who need our support as they live through this nightmare.

Across the valley, Lake Berryessa, Lower Lake, south of us also, many are also involved in major conflagrations.  Evacuations, loss of property, anxiety, concern, fear are just some of the many tolls these people must work through.

I am sending positive thoughts to all of them, and ask you to stop spend a moment of your time to reflect on the people and property that is in harms way.

Stay safe report fires to 911.

If you did not get a  Bucks Lake Evacuation brochure please stop by and ask for one.

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